The Arizona Rangers, past and present, have proven to be a valuable and important part of Arizona’s historical heritage. The original Territorial Rangers tamed the lawlessness of the Arizona Territory which paved the way for Arizona to become the 48th State in the US. The modern-day Arizona Rangers, like those that preceded them, are dedicated, unselfish and honorable individuals that volunteer to serve Arizona and its citizens while preserving the tradition, honor, ethics and history of the 1901-1909 Arizona Rangers.

Many former military and law enforcement personnel join the Arizona Rangers to continue their service to their communities. Many younger Rangers use their service in the Arizona Rangers as a stepping stone to start their law enforcement careers.

If you are thinking about joining the Arizona Rangers, you should ask yourself these questions:

Do I have the right attitude?
The modern-day Arizona Rangers provide a unique opportunity for you to be a part of a historic organization while giving back to the community. Arizona Rangers, by nature are humble, come prepared, are well trained and are always willing to help.

Am I fit for the duties performed by the Arizona Rangers?
Duties as an Arizona Ranger vary greatly.  Rangers are often asked to assist law enforcement agencies on various duties that may require Rangers to perform walking patrols of an assigned area or facility. You will be wearing full duty gear in the sun during the Arizona summer or during inclement weather. Arizona Rangers must be prepared to act as trained to control whatever situation is presented to them, be it with, presence, a listening ear, or physical contact.

Do I have the time?
Arizona Rangers are expected to attend monthly company meetings and meet monthly duty hour minimums. Expect to spend at least 8 hours a month on Ranger duties and meetings.

Can I afford it?
As an all-volunteer organization, individuals who join the Arizona Rangers receive no monetary compensations or reimbursements for their service. Rangers provide their own uniforms, duty gear, weapons, and ammunition. They are responsible for their own transportation to duty locations anywhere in the State as well as monthly company dues.

If you answered “YES!” to all these questions, then we encourage you to take the next step and contact your local Arizona Rangers company.

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If you have served your country or served your community in law enforcement or fire service, or just have a desire to serve, you belong in the Arizona Rangers.