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26 Men Theme

October 15,1957

The 26 Men series was based on true incidents with episodes centered around the Arizona Rangers' attempts to maintain order. Russell Hayden was the producer of the series and the co-composer of the theme song.

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The Recruit

October 15,1957

The newspaper editor of Wilcox asks the Rangers for help, and two of them are dispatched to the town. However, when they get there they find the editor has been lynched and is hanging from a tree.

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The Wild Bunch

October 29,1957

A member of the notorious Wild Bunch bandit gang escapes from Ranger Clint Travis' custody, resulting in his being fired. Furious, Travis sets out to take on the whole gang and salvage his career and reputation.

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The Big Rope

December 17,1957

Travis learns that a lynch mob hung two Indians accused of being horse thieves and the minister who tried to prevent the hanging. He also discovers that, in a moment of cowardice, the town sheriff failed to prevent the hangings.

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Bells of St. Thomas

May 13, 1958

Captain Rynning and several of his Rangers join a posse to smoke out the remnants of Luke Baxter's gang. The outlaws momentarily give the posse the slip and double back to take refuge in a mission school run for the reservation's Indian children and hold the priests and the youngsters as hostages.

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Man on the Run

December 10,1957

A Ranger suddenly resigns without explanation. Rynning tries to discover what's behind it and finds that the man is hiding a secret that he won't take a chance on anyone finding out about.

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Border Incident

November 5,1957

Clint Travis goes undercover as a gun smuggler to stop Mexican revolutionary Juan Morales' plans to topple the Mexican government.

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Dead Man in Tucson

December 3, 1957

Travis goes after escaped con Cain Devers, a bank robber and counterfeiter who is using his counterfeit plates as part of a plot to destroy his father and younger brother.

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