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Madera Ranger takes Ranger of the Year Honors


March 16, 2013

Before a crowd of almost 100, Major Gary Friedman collected the top prize as the 2012 State Ranger of the Year Award at ceromonies held in Sedona on Saturday.

The State Ranger of the Year Award is given annually to that Ranger who embodies a high moral character and demonstrates exemplary performance in all areas of their work, and more importantly, strives to help the community in which he serves grow and flourish. This Ranger gives more of himself than asked, and often makes sacrifices to benefit the greater good, without expectation of acknowledgement from the organization.

The award was announced along with State Election winners at the State Membership meeting, who were all saluted at the annual celebration. The State Ranger of the Year award is selected by the entire membership from a pool of nominees, selected for their service during the previous year.

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